Hourly Rates

$80/hr for 2 Movers

$105/hr for 3 Movers

$130/hr for 4 Movers

Plus a $75 Service Fee

for Local Tucson/Oro Valley/Vail Moves

(NO CHARGE for us to get to the Pick up Destination)


*$95 Service Fee for Surrounding cities

(Green Valley, Oracle, Sahuarita, Sierra Vista)

$110 Service Fee for Phoenix Moves

*1 way Mileage fees will apply to Out of Town moves

(24' Truck, All fuel, plastic wrap, blanket wrap etc included in this fee)



 * Pianos *$150 * Organs $100

Tanning Beds $110

(Stairs are add'l $10 each)

These items are priced with a local move. Not individual moving cost



*All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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